“Entech Group” company slogan - dream and we will implement!

The team of “Entech Group” has accumulated more than ten years of experience, yet, we have no shortage of youthful enthusiasm as well. We are synonymous, on one hand, with innovation, modernity, and desire to go hand in hand with the ever-changing world, and, on the other hand, with experience and skills acquired during many years. We offer engineering services and goods which of the highest quality at the affordable price. We are constantly upgrade our employees' skills and technologies, follow various innovations related to our activities, attend exhibitions, invest in employee skills, looking for partners, e cooperate with the academic community and scientific world in Lithuania and abroad. Entech Group maintains close relations with a vast group of highly reputable and competent partners in Lithuania, Europe and elsewhere. That's why we're able to deliver the most advanced product design and projection, prototyping, mass production and assembly services. Entech Group understands the value of time and cost for its customers. So, we schedule our various tasks in such a way that even the shortest deadlines are met without creating a cost overrun. We select the best goods and services at an optimal cost. Our team consists of well-qualified mechanical engineers, product designers, technologists, managers, and project supervisors working with complete dedication.

As a result, “Entech Group” always operates as a well-oiled mechanism – efficiently, quickly, and, without a doubt, with high quality and commitment. Our team constantly follows innovations. That’s why You should choose Entech Group for implementing Your most incredible idea. We will cooperate with You from the very beginning, from the idea generation to make You completely satisfied with the final product. In order to accomplish our projects and achieve success, will do all the essential actions: design a product, develop its appearance, order necessary molds, and monitor the production. In addition, our staff is always ready to answer to Your questions. The team of “Entech Group” especially appreciates a respectful, pleasant and, of course, sincere manner of cooperation, since only this way of working together with our clients will help us to achieve the best results.

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