A container with unique structure

A container with unique structure

Designers appreciate a container with unique structure. Upon JSC “EMP recycling” request, a team of JSC “Entech group” based on the principle of Lego, developed a playful and functional container for electronic and electrical waste, assembled from the plastic details.

The built in sections container of “EMP recycling” for small electronic and electrical equipment waste was recognized by the designers and got into the list of the best Lithuanian products “Geras dizainas”. This product is the result of cooperation between “EMP recycling” and JSC “Entech group”. The structure of this container is a brand new perfected idea of the JSC “Entech group” engineers and designers. The container is made from the segments of recycled plastic that are assembled based on the principle of Lego.

According to the representatives of “EMP recycling” company, the product adapts to the place, where it stands, because it is possible to remove or add the segments of the container. It is designed for two types of waste: small electronic devices and batteries. When it is no longer needed, all parts of the container can be recycled. The product is assembled from several plastic segments based on the principle of Lego, which is a completely new idea. Currently, the container is patented. A wall of the container is made from separate plastic parts (segments) that are molded with a specially designed mold. The bottom and the lid, which does not have analogues, are made by using vacuum forming. All plastic and metal parts of the container are unique and designed by JSC “Entech group” professionals.

The containers will be placed in school, so the team of “EMP recycling” and JSC “Entech group” has tried to create a playful, interesting, and modern product. The goal was to change a boring and grey box with an attractive, modern, and of course, functional product. The intent was to encourage students of learning to sort. For the students the container, which reminds of Lego and is assembled from separate segments, is like a game, because this methods of assembling allows to build pieces of different form, environment, and interior.